Keep Your Brand Warm This Winter

Seasonal branding











The temperature might have dropped, but that doesn’t mean your brand has to cool down too. Here are a few ways to keep promoting your business through the cold winter months.

Seasonal branding

Making seasonal changes to branding doesn’t necessarily mean a bold redesign – in fact that could be quite confusing for your audience. The whole point of branded merchandise and corporate logos is to help your customers identify and remember you, after all!

Some businesses use seasonal colour palettes to adapt their main logo so it reflects the time of year, such as black and white in the winter, or pastel shades in the spring. It can be especially useful if you’re running a particular seasonal promotion or sale.

Create a mascot for your businessCreate a mascot for your business

Kevin the Carrot and Excitable Edgar have given retail brands Aldi and John Lewis respectively a fun, approachable and, most importantly, memorable edge this winter. Brought to life through television ad campaigns, the characters were available instore and online as plush toys, quickly selling out of initial stocks.

OK, so smaller brands might not have the same level of traction, and probably not the eye-watering TV advertising budget either. But creating a mascot for your business can be an engaging way to communicate what your business is about, as well as using a tangible teddy as a reminder for customers.

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Don’t cover it up!

Most of us tend to layer up if the wind is howling outside, so it might as well be with something that works in your favour. Adding your logo and branding to winter clothing is a great way to stay visible when everyone has their head down against the weather.hoodies and tees.

Customers and staff alike will be grateful for the warm clothing, and if you’ve already invested in branded clothing it makes sure that your t-shirts aren’t hidden behind someone’s tatty old fleece! Take a look at our range of Mantis clothing which can be branded with your logo, including hoodies and tees.

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