How Can I Promote my Business Sustainably?

Business Promotion

If environmental consciousness is at the core of how you run your business, sustainable marketing will matter too. Promoting the sustainable nature of your business can help attract new clients, especially if the marketing itself is environmentally friendly, too.

Fortunately green marketing has evolved considerably so this doesn’t mean being restricted like it used to. Sustainable materials are more readily available for business merchandise and alternative techniques present plenty of choice. We’ll talk you through some popular sustainable marketing options.


Digital marketing means less paper

The world is online so most businesses rely on digital marketing techniques already – they just might not realise that’s what it’s called.

Using a website, social media, email campaigns or SEO enables businesses to reach their audience through the devices they already own and use. It cuts down on the sort of physical waste created by printing off thousands of glossy, non-biodegradable leaflets.

Digital marketing tactics are also useful for identifying an interested audience, using data about their online behaviour to target those who are more likely to be interested in your products and services.

It helps you get more mileage from the resources available to you, for instance, spending online advertising budget targeting those interested in your industry, rather than a blanket approach.


Eco-friendly merchandise

We admit it, promotional merchandise is something that we’re passionate about! Promoting your business with branded products made from sustainably-sourced materials, which are also biodegradable or reusable, tells your customers what to expect from you.

And of course, reducing the impact that your business has on the environment helps make it sustainable into the future, too! Bamboo is particularly popular as a green material for promo kit such as pens or reusable coffee cups.

Learn more about our recycled and eco promotional products.


Clean advertising

Using street or clean advertising literally gets your brand on the streets where it can be seen, without adverse environmental impact.

This usually means turning an advert into a template which is then ‘cleaned’ or power washed into the street. Just like printed advertising, they can be positioned in tactical areas, such as signposting customers to a shop or service, or targeting busy areas without creating an obstacle.


Community support

Word of mouth recommendations are a powerful force when it comes to marketing strategy, but getting people to talk about you isn’t always that straightforward. Getting involved in community issues provides them with the help they need, whilst also demonstrating the ethical way that you operate the business. Sponsoring the shirts of the local team or making charitable donations gets their audience familiar with your business, too.

An important point to remember though. Whilst most causes will be glad of any time, money or other resources donated, it’s important to make sure that your brands are compatible.

Position your brand alongside a good cause without damaging it by association, or causing the more cynical to question your motives! The key question to remember here is ‘is this appropriate?’


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