Health Merchandise for Any Business

Your business might not be in the industry, but you can still use health and fitness promotional products to market it. Many sports have a huge audience, so why not seize the opportunity to brand up some athletic merchandise with your company logo?

Why use fitness related promotional merchandise?

Sporting events attract huge audiences, often inciting even the most casual of fans. It’s not just watching sport that’s popular, either. The health and fitness sector is a giant in the leisure industry, promoting improved mental and physical wellbeing through exercise.

Is fitness merchandise just for health brands?

A self-branded digital pedometer might be an easy choice for a private sports therapy clinic specialising in injury rehab. But, like with all personalised merchandise for your business, you can be as creative as you like!

For example, celebrating Wimbledon with branded tennis balls for your customers is a fun way to capture their attention. It’s more unusual than a leaflet, more memorable, and actually pretty useful.

Using health based corporate gifts

One of the great things about branded merch with a health or fitness theme, is its year-round appeal. The sporting calendar almost always has something going on, making it a valuable resource when planning the promotional road ahead. So go ahead and promote your gold-level service during the Olympics, with a stress-busting gold medal.

Other seasonal influences can also be incorporated into health-based marketing strategies. Whilst getting bikini-ready with (branded!) exercise kit tends to be on most people’s radars on the run up to a beach holiday, mechanics might also encourage customers to make sure they book in a car service ready for the drive to the airport.

Positioning your brand as caring and trustworthy

Promoting physical and mental wellbeing amongst your clients positions your brand as being caring, and therefore trustworthy. A branded gym towel or other health merchandise given out at the fresher’s fair reminds students to look after themselves, as well as where to find you.

Looking after staff

Helping your employees stay fit and healthy keeps them motivated, productive, and engaged. Inactivity can lead to all sorts of health problems, so help staff get moving. It can also promote team building, more confidence, and a bit of healthy competition.

You might organise a lunch time yoga session, or incentivise workers with a prize for the most steps in a month. Looking after staff health demonstrates your credibility and reliability, something workforce and customers alike will appreciate. Plus it looks great on social media!

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