Getting Ready for Corporate Christmas Giving

Corporate Christmas Gifts

When the autumn chill sets in, thoughts inevitably tend to turn to Christmas.

Last month we wrote about businesses beginning their festive planning in September.

For non-retailers, Christmas is less about winning over the seasonal shopping crowds,

and more about consolidating existing relationships. But how?


How do you thank your customers?

Thanking the people who use your products and services helps to build a closer relationship with them.

By surprising your clients with a Christmas gift, you’re essentially providing a moment of delight.

It marks you out as a brand who really does believe in customer relations, fostering a greater sense of trust and loyalty.

The budget doesn’t have to be huge when it comes to corporate Christmas gifts.

Often, it’s the evidence of proper consideration and planning which means more.

What do the people who use your products and services need?

When do they need it? What sort of extra touch would they appreciate? 

The freebie doesn’t have to solve all their problems, but you’ll definitely win points for adding some sort of value,

either through usefulness, or for entertainment purposes.


Christmas gifts for year-round brand visibility

Giving gifts at Christmas is fairly de rigueur, so it makes sense to use it as an excuse for sending branded corporate gifts.

It enables you to position your brand literally in front of your audience, and maybe stay there all year.

Branded merchandise is one of the most powerful ways to promote a brand, even more so than advertising in many cases.

It’s always nice to get something for free, and even better if it’s actually useful and/or a novelty.


Promotional diaries and calendars in the age of smartphones

Though most of us carry a small computer around in our pockets, physical paper diaries are still immensely popular.

Ranging from pocket diaries to a weightier desk diary, organisers come is all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Part of the appeal of diaries lies in their versatility.

As well as keeping track of appointments, they can even be used as academic planners by students, or as an end-of-day journal.

Promotional diaries make a great end-of-year gift which will remain with your customer in the year that follows.

Useful for them, and a great bit of brand awareness for you.

A themed promotional calendar can really work to your advantage, too.

Capitalise on the calendar format by adding reminders of important deadlines each month.

So, universities could include graduation dates, whilst accountants might put in tax return submission deadlines.

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