Why Client Retention Needs Branded Merchandise

Make the effort and expense of acquiring new clients do even more for your business, by securing their custom for the future, too. An effective customer retention strategy should include the use of promotional branded items which keep your brand on the radar.

Why is it cheaper to retain customers?

The push to find new clients uses up more resources than the cost of retaining existing ones. Add the possible reputational damage done by losing customers, and it makes more sense to look at how to keep clients with you.

Customers tend to talk about a product or service if it’s very good or very bad. Capitalise on the good work you do by actively encouraging existing contacts to spread the word.

How to use branded promo items for customer retention

Treat customers well, and add value wherever possible. Doing this alongside exposure to the business branding will help clients make the connection between what you offer, and a good user experience.

It means that the branding and logo should make an appearance during every customer interaction, even whilst on the phone by introducing the company at the start of the call.

Put your logo on promo kit which is practical and/or fun for your client list. For example, branded pens which carry your logo are cheap, useful, and a visual reminder of the business each time your customer needs to write something down.  

Clever ways to combine branding and promotional items

As well as the everyday items which work well for any business, explore products which offer an opportunity to reflect the products or services which you sell. A masseuse, for example, might provide a stress ball to keep clients relaxed between visits.

With the astonishing range of items which can be branded up with your logo, there’s plenty more potential for creative marketing.

Electricians could supply torches with their contact details on, to help customers get the lights back on if things go wrong. Festival organisers, or anyone with a food stall at one, might consider branded sunglasses, whilst coach tour operators could give out inflatable travel pillows or foam ear plugs.

The opportunities are endless, from car mechanics providing branded ice scrapers, to outdoor pursuits centres supplying customers with a folding drinking cup.

If you’re keen to promote the sustainable way you operate, there are lots of recycled and eco products to choose from, too.

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