Unlock the power of the branded t-shirt

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Walking, talking billboards

We’ve all seen billboards at the sides of roads and buildings. Now imagine a walking, talking billboard that can take your brand to places most marketing budgets can’t reach. That’s what you can unlock with something as simple as a branded t-shirt however it takes more than just having your logo printed front and back.

Stats Don’t Lie

According to the PPAI* 85% of people have done business with the advertiser after receiving a promotional product. Moreover, a staggering 89% of consumers can recall the advertiser of a promotional product they’ve received in the last two years.

*PPAI Research (Promotional Products Association International)

Brand Ambassadors

Now we’re not talking about “influencers” here, or any sort of person paid to talk kindly of your brand. You can make anyone a brand ambassador. For example, when you get a positive online review or a pleasant customer interaction, consider sending them some free promotional materials as a thank you, such as a branded t-shirt.

Not only will they be pleasantly surprised but also they might even wear it in public. All it takes is for one person to ask what their t-shirt is about and the wearer will give them the story and more than likely talk positively about your brand. You’ve created a brand ambassador.

Get People Talking

We’ve all seen the small printed logo, usually on the front in the top left of the shirt. This might be fine for your employees (if uniform is a thing for your business), but think about the opportunity to start conversations with the person wearing the t-shirt.

Does your brand have a tagline or phrase you use in your marketing? Make this as prominent as your logo and brand name when designing your t-shirt. If you need help with this, consider consulting a graphic designer to get the best way to present your bran. Your t-shirt manufacturer would also thank you greatly if they receive an order for a well-planned design complete with colour references when it comes to printing your masterpiece.

What if they don’t want to wear the t-shirt?

In the world of social media, images are everything. Received a free t-shirt in the post? Of course you want to take a photo and put it on your social media. Add a few hashtags and tag the company and you’ve created an online brand ambassador!

As the brand you can earn bonus points by resharing the post, tagging the t-shirt designer (if you used one) or just thanking the customer for spreading the word. Retweets and reshares all round!


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