Suns Out Big Guns Out: Ways of Marketing Your Brand During Summer


Summertime Business


How can adding a pastel coloured filter to your latest Instagram post, or incorporating a summer prop into your logo, be great for business, come the summer months?

You’d be surprised how effective seasonal modifications can be for brands. Enabling your brand to widen its reach, engage with a brand new audience and stand out amongst akin competitors at an affordable cost.

It can be a way of conveying to consumers that you’re shedding your winter baggage and swapping it for a light, recyclable canvas bag, that is current, and stylish.

See below for the advantages of delivering a summer splash, and for pointers on ways which your brand can.

The benefits

Consumers will think your cool as a cucumber

If your branding remains stagnant for a long period of time, consumers can become bored, or worse, detracted by similar brands who are more operative than yours. This makes it essential for you to employ a summer spin that is bold, cohesive with your brand and which sets you apart from the crowd.

By giving your brand a summer makeover, you can regenerate your brand so that it appears contemporary, current and active. Not only does this attract a whole new crowd to your business entirely - the ‘cool kids’ - but it also urges consumers to trust your brand, as you’re a business that regularly updates its services.

However, ensure you don’t change up too much at once; a complete rebrand could damage any SEO groundwork, or make you unrecognisable to your current following.

You’ll appeal to summer lovers

Uploading summer photoshoots or publishing copy that is synonymous with ice cream and sun tans tends to go down well with summer enthusiasts, by which, there are many. From adapting your branding – inserting summer hashtags, or producing seasonal products - you can embrace the summer hype so that you appeal to the relevant tastes and interests of the masses.


You’ll see a consumer’s soft side, and then their wallet

Creating a seasonal appeal can translate into conversions. As via your branding, your business can recreate nostalgic summer memories that are curated to purposefully create sales.

Making your audience emote with something, is an effective way of getting consumers to shop your products. And can be translated just as well through brick and mortar stores, where your creative displays such as picnic days can form queues and sales.

Happy branding, happy staff

Applying seasonal goals and impressive window arrangements can satisfy and drive staff.

As working somewhere that looks great, or which offers personal incentives for employees can boost morale, passion and teamwork.

Such high spirits can rub off into customer service and have a positive influence on purchases and customer feedback.

How to incorporate sun, sea and sand into your brand

 Adjust your colour scheme. This is an affordable, non-drastic way of giving your brand a refresh, yet is evident enough for followers to catch on, browse and shop your products. Ensure to keep your core colours in play, to remain on-brand throughout summer.


Adapt your content so that it obviously incorporates summer – create summer headlines, graphics and deliver seasonal products. This will enable your brand to be topical, and will influence consumers – particularly sun worshipers - to find your content when searching for summer related content.


If you’ve well-received summer events from last year, or seasonal products that sold out in seconds, re-post them as summer throwbacks! Marketing off the back of previous successes, creates interest, urgency and trust in consumers. Who will confide in your services, as many happy shoppers have done previously.


Take your brand outdoors. Integrating your product into scenic summer shots can not only enhance your brand’s ‘Instagrammable’ likability, but also transport consumers to a sunny paradise, where your products appear irresistible.


Insert visual nonverbal summer cues into your content across all communications. This detracts from a hard-sell seasonal-driven marketing approach - of which some consumers can spot from a mile off - and cleverly amalgamates the pleasures of summer and your products into a consumer’s subconscious.



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