Six Top Ways to Promote Your Business This Summer

Promote Your Business

Summer is finally here with plenty of opportunities to give your business a kick start after months of horrible cold weather and the stagnant sales figures it brought.

Here are some of the ways you can make the most of the summer months for your business: 

Summer deals

There’s a good reason why your email inbox is flooded with summer deals and money off codes. It’s a good time to promote your business because people tend to have more leisure time to spend money on businesses like yours.

However, because everyone’s doing it you need to try and make your emails stand out from the rest as you’ve got a lot of competition out there. What can you offer that others aren’t? 

Offers on summer-related products

Similar to the point above, special offers are always popular. However, rather than offering deals on random things, get into the summer spirit by offering discounts on summer-related items if you have them. Summer is a great opportunity for food/drink businesses, sports shops, and homeware stores.

For example, you could release a new summer cocktail or ice cream flavor for your restaurant or discounts on water bottles if you have a sportswear shop or a range of gardening products for a homeware store. 

Street promotion

Some businesses benefit from handing out flyers in the street. However, this isn’t particularly pleasant in the summer months for your staff. Help keep your team members cool by giving them parasols and water bottles.

You could also arm them with spray bottles they can then offer to passersby to cool them down. Hopefully they will take the time to grab a leaflet and stand in the shade of your parasol for a chat. 

Give out freebies

If you have some weather appropriate gifts you could hand out to passersby on the street, this will stop people and help them take notice. For example, free samples of ice cream or bottles of water will go down well in the summer when everyone is out and about. 

Get onto festivals

If your business is appropriate, try to get involved with community events or festivals to see if you can get a stall presence. These places will be packed full of new opportunities for customers you might not have otherwise reached. 

Branded summer-friendly products

Giving out freebies is great but you can go one step further by giving out branded products with your logo on. This gives the freebies more value as they’re more likely to be noticed with a brand on it.

Think branded water bottles, fans or hats to keep your customers cool this summer. At Orange Promotions, we supply a range of promotional products ready to have your brand printed.

Take a look at our hand fans, flip flops and sunglasses – with a choice of colours and all great for promoting your business in the summer months.

If you’re interested in getting your brand on some fun products for the summer, give us a call on 01483 608086 or get in touch via You can take a look at our full product range here.

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