Seven Places to Put Your Business Logo to Maximise its Effectiveness


A logo is the face of your business. It can help you appear more professional, memorable and can draw attention from potential customers.

Once you’ve had a new logo designed that you’re happy with, you may be wondering what the next steps are. How can you get the most out of your new logo?

Your first step may be to get a sign printed to go on the side of your building. However, there are plenty more ways you can use your logo to further your brand’s reach and visibility without the expense of huge marketing campaigns.

Here are some of the best ways you can utilise your new logo’s power.



Your website is your online storefront and it’s important that your logo is there. Make sure it’s a good quality image, memorable and gives the right impression of your brand as it’ll be the first thing people see when they visit your site. Typically it should be displayed horizontally with either the name of your business or a tag line beside it.


Social media profiles

Always make sure you’ve got your logo up on your social media accounts as it will be the face of your online interactions.

Different social media accounts will have different image specifications so you’ll probably have to alter the size to make sure it looks good on each one. Don’t ever settle for a blurry or pixelated logo, it never gives a good impression.


Business cards

There’s a little debate about whether business cards are worth it these days. It depends on the industry you’re in and whether you’re out and about at networking events.

The downside to networking events is that everyone comes home with a stack of random business cards they never look at. So make sure yours has an eye catching logo, a tagline or other information about the business to jog people’s memories, a website and contact details.


Staff T-shirts

If you run a shop it helps to have members of staff easily identifiable so that they can offer assistance to customers. For those who run offices or don’t get out and about with clients that often, branded T-shirts could also be handy in other situations.

They can come in use at tradeshows, events and business fairs. This helps you get the brand out there and noticed and also helps those who are interested find someone they can talk to about the business.



If your business has a fleet of vehicles, then put your logo on the side and enjoy some cheap, long-lasting advertising. It’ll turn your vans into moving billboards that catch people’s eyes wherever you are.


Invoices and paperwork

While generic forms may be cheaper and easier, having your own logo on them makes them all the more professional. It also helps clients to identify which invoice is from who at a glance.

The same goes for emails you send to clients or contacts in the industry. You can easily customise an email signature to include your logo, links to your website and contact details.


Branded items

Things like mugs, stationery and bags are great free gifts to give out during marketing events or business fairs.

These items have staying power as they will be taken away by people who can then talk to others about them.

A branded cup can be a conversation starter in an office or home. Make sure your branding stands out and that there’s a website address or additional information for people to find out more about you.


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