How to Choose a Company Logo That Works for Your Brand

What makes a good company logo

A logo is often the first impression your business has on the general public. Choosing one is always going to be a tough decision but it’s one you should think about carefully before you commit.

You’ll need one that will stand out in a crowd of other brands and to also represent your company appropriately.

Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing a logo for your company.


Simple design

Sometimes less is more and that’s certainly true for company logos. Just take a look at some of the big brands out there, they’re simple and clear. They don’t have to feature fancy graphics, wacky colour schemes or be particularly inventive. 

Just look at the McDonald’s logo, a simple letter “M” and the company name. It’s an internationally recognised symbol and it works.



At the risk of contradicting the first point, the logo should also be memorable. That doesn’t mean it’s got to be loud or weird. Simple logos can be memorable too. In fact a more complicated design is less likely to be remembered in detail. A simple one won’t have this trouble.



Is the logo you want going to have staying power? Will it look old fashioned (and not in a good way) in ten years’ time? It may, it may not. However, choosing a logo that you can easily customise and update as your business carries on is also useful.

A good example of a timeless logo is Coca Cola. Again this is an internationally recognised brand that has managed to retain its staying power since the 19th century! On the other hand, Pepsi have changed their logo quite a lot. The company is still going strong, but then they also have a lot of money to put behind rebranding efforts that new start-ups don’t tend to have.



A good logo should be able to work across a variety of mediums and ideally work in both horizontal and vertical formats.

Ask yourself whether your logo would work if it was:

-          Printed on a billboard

-          Printed in one colour

-          Printed small

-          Printed with inverted colours

Not all of these may be relevant to your business now but if you’re in it for the long run, you never know how your logo will be needed in the future.

Some businesses stick with black and white colouring as it’s simple and less expensive than printing out colours.


Right for the audience

Your logo’s effectiveness will ultimately be tested by the market you’re targeting. If it’s not appropriate for the audience you want, it may not stand out to them or they may get the wrong impression of your company.

For example, a logo for an accountancy firm probably wouldn’t benefit from wacky or childish graphics, whereas a toy store definitely would because of the younger audience.


Once you’ve chosen your logo

When you’ve chosen your logo, why not get it printed on some fun promotional items? We offer a range of customisable products from office equipment, to T-shirts, mugs, seasonal products and much more. They’re great to hand out at trade shows, during marketing events or even to just have round the office.

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