Four Top Reasons to Give Your Business a Rebrand


Launching a rebrand is a huge step for a business but could be just the thing you need to give your sales a lift. If you’re considering a rebrand for your business, your next question may be - when is the right time to do one? In this post we’ll give you some examples of when it’s best to get a rebrand. 

Money’s good

If your business is on its last legs, the last thing you want is to start pumping money into a new logo or website design. The rebrand might be what your business needs but it’s probably not the best use of your money if money is tight.

If money is good and the business is stable then a rebrand could only make it better if you feel it needs one. 

Your brand is outdated

If the first time you branded your business was ten years ago, it’s safe to say an update might be due.

Sometimes logos or website designs become dated and tired looking. When you choose a new branding design, try to choose something you think will have good staying power. This often means keeping things simple so that they can be updated more easily in the future if need be.   

You’ve changed focus

Sometimes businesses change focus. They may start selling something a bit different or targeting another audience than they did in the beginning if they see success elsewhere.  

If this is the case for you, then a rebrand could be a good way to announce your change in direction. Something that worked for you in the past may need an update to accommodate the change in focus. 

You’re too similar to a competitor

It happens, whether intentional or not. It might not even be a competitor that turns up with a logo looking like yours. Just look at the case of Paypal vs Pandora. Their logos are very similar yet they are completely different types of business. However, Paypal said that some users were becoming confused by the similarities and decided to sue them last year.

While it may have been harmless and unintentional, it’s important to be wary of potential confusion for customers. If the other brand is something you’d rather not associate with, for example a competitor, then a rebrand may be needed. However, before doing this, look into who copied who as you may be well within your rights to sue. 

While a rebrand can have a great positive effect on your business, your reasons for having one need to be weighed up carefully. It can be disruptive, costly and time consuming so make sure you’re doing what you think is best to drive sales and boost your presence online.


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