Back to basics: Core branding trends are stronger than ever in 2019

Company Branding

Every year we get the “top 10 branding trends,” the “top 5 things to do with your logo” or the “latest hot trend to hit marketing.” However, each year we seem to find at its core, branding remains very much true to its origins.

Below we summarise what those core values are and how you can implement them in 2019.

Different logos for different platforms and applications

Even before the advent of the internet and digital marketing, logos needed to be adaptable. Whether it was on your employees’ uniform, printed brochures, or massive billboards, you needed your logo to be suitable for all formats. That’s truer than ever in today’s marketing world.

For example, by creating a smaller and simpler version of your logo, apps and social media channels can be branded in a way that sits comfortably on those platforms while retaining the overall brand theme. Additionally, designing a black and white logo allows you to create branded graphics without the fear of clashing colour schemes.

You could also use this for branding t-shirts, saving yourself a significant amount of money at the printers.

Badges & stickers

Create brand ambassadors by handing out what is essentially your business logo to people who will then pin it to their bag or stick it to the top of their laptop. 

Digital Detox

Offline marketing isn’t dead yet! Younger generations (think Generation Z and Alpha) make up a surprising number of those taking part in digital detoxes and unplugging from the social media bubble.

Brands need to be available to them both on and offline. Think multi-dimensional in 2019 and how physical branding, including branded items, could capture that detoxing generation even when their phones are turned off. Where would you look if your phone was switched off?

Designing a logo

If designing from scratch, try a logo template to get your ideas down and refine from there. However, if you’re not the artistic type or are struggling to get the logo that reflects your brand, consult a graphic designer and save yourself an awful lot of time while getting a professional result.

Promotional Products

2019 will continue to prove promotional products are an effective marketing tool. Pens, tote bags, t-shirts, notepads and stress balls will always be strong items to get your brand name out there.

Whether you hand them out at business expos, provide them to new clients or offer them for sale on your website, you’ll continue to be surprised how well a branded notepad is received. 


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